Monday, February 4, 2008


Those who have spent time with me lately may have noticed a few changes. Here's a top 9 list:
  1. Art Garfunkel-style lack of haircut - I'm trying to enjoy it while I still have it :-)

  2. I'm pounding non-alcoholic beer like there's no tomorrow and actually starting to enjoy it! My favorite by far is Radegast (Birell). If you want to bring me something, a six-pack of Radegast Nealko (blue cans) will always do the trick!

  3. The combination of no sleep, very heavy drugs (the corticoids), tremendous guilt for having dumped all this on my closest friends, the shame of accepting help, not being able to listen to the thoughtless and inappropriate crap that comes out of a lot of mouths, all along with the nightmare of a potentially terminal illness, has indeed made me a tad cranky.

  4. I'm not e-mailing people, responding to text messages, or even answering my phone. But that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate it (maybe not the calls), I do. I hope you all understand that I'm incredibly busy at the moment and the foreseeable future and simply don't have the time.

  5. For someone who hadn't had a shot since 2000, I now have track marks like a junkie.

  6. I really hate myself for having to tell people who want to visit me that they can't - just because there's only so much I can take right now.

  7. I used to enjoy repeating myself. Right now, I can think of no worse torture. That's what the blog is for.

  8. My greatest pleasure right now is consoling people who are confronting immeasurably less serious issues. I'm not kidding.

  9. I often play the tumor trump. You'd be surprised how often it actually doesn't work :-)


Andrewww said...

lol, its good to see that tumor,
has no effect on Mike sense of humor

liz said...

Hey, Pane Mike... I'm flying to Prague this evening, and was looking forward to giving you a call and going out... I see you're not up to that at the moment, so just let me give you a virtual hug, and the proper ritual obeisance you would have had in person [pauses, bows, turns thrice, hums words of joyful greeting while sprinkling petals] - and if you do by any chance decide that more visitors toting nealko Radost would be a good thing, then get someone to email me on liz_cochrane [at] yahoo dot com, and I - or even Henny and I (for she is around too) will come and do a series of dances from traditions of your choosing.
Lots of love, take care, and do enjoy the ol' hair which actually looks great!
hug hug, Liz xxxxx

krystal mark said...

mr. garfunkel,

i was in shock when i heard about your hospitalization. i actually tried calling you a few weeks ago to see how your visit with my recommendation with the chiropractor in Praha 6 went--- now i know why you didn't pick up...

my thoughts are with you as you go through this ordeal. i can certainly relate--- my mother had a brain tumor removed last fall. luckily, the operation was a total success with no adverse side effects.

in any case, i'd like to visit, but don't want to feel as if i'm imposing... i know that my mom certainly wasn't in the mood to have random visitors stopping by all of the time, so could you please let me know if you'd like a visit from me at , please?(or you can say it gently here on the blog if you prefer). just to jar your golfball-infested memory, this is mark grein-- we usually met up randomly at the pub at riegrovy sady during soccer games...

take care, and hang tough mike!


Jiffy said...

I feel shame to have contributed to numbers 3 and 4 and I blink with intermittent relief at numbers 6 and 7 ... Oh, though how I would love to swap out the current situation for a lifetime of our popular and highly-revered Oskartalk®.

In response to number 8: I still have that mystery rash behind my left knee, my hairline is marching upward into infinity, and just now I spilled piping hot coffee down the nape of my neck. Yes, the nape of my neck. The coffee spill was caused in part by a spry nineteen year old Maine Coon cat named Spike. Now she says she won't chip in for the dry-cleaning bill! Outrageous!

Mike, what do I do??

maire said...

so, i typed much of this for mike, feeling that, as it's his blog, i should not argue about content.

however, i WANTED to say that he has certainly not "dumped" this on his friends. the universe has "dumped" it on him and, friendship being what it is, what is dumped on one of us is dumped on all.

(i'm going to stop using the word "dumped" now.)

i can't speak for everyone, but for me, being able to do something, however insignificant, to make this situation a bit more bearable helps me get through it too.

chihuahua lady said...

maire you should take yourself for a drink and possibly a dump at dump bar.

Mike said...

So great news about the success of the op! I had a sneaky feeling that it would take alot more than a silly old brain tumor to stop you talking!
Cuidate picha!

Mike Tickets