Friday, February 15, 2008

mikey's back!

Hey everybody!

Sorry this update is a bit late, but things weren’t and still aren’t exactly clear. I’ll write all about my wild adventures on the operating table and the crazy days and nights in intensive care in future back-dated posts, but people probably want to know what’s going on now:

The operation? So far, so good. Actually, it really couldn’t have gone better. Dr. Jan Klener (my neurosurgeon) truly is a miracle worker – ‘golden hands’ they call him around here. The tumor (which was actually the size of a baseball!) was probably completely removed according to the follow-up MRI, which I still haven’t seen, but will have shortly. So, before and after shots coming soon!

Unfortunately, they still don’t know the histology, meaning they don’t know what type of cancer it is or was, so don’t know what the follow-up treatment / next steps are. This could take up to two weeks. So I'm not really out of the woods yet...

I got out of all forms of intensive care yesterday morning and am back on the ward with two fantastic roomies yet again. Looks like I’ll be going back to Kateřinská next Wednesday :-)

I haven't really slept in over a month and it's taken its toll on my sanity. They're going to give me a shot in a couple of minutes, so I gotta go, but I’ll write soon. I promise :-)


Anonymous said...

Great, so good to hear/read from you, I have been anxiously awaiting an update. Sleep well, I will call you on Sunday. Ann

Sherman said...

Mike- glad you're back! Can't wait to hear the rest of your story...

Jiffz said...

Kick ass, Buddy! A baseball-sized tumor ... it's unimaginable. Does this mean we'll be able to knock a few out of the park at Riegz come Mikefest 2008? I think you could play a double-header there to a capacity crowd after all you've endured this year. Very much looking forward to seeing you, buddy. And yes, I'll say it ... BIG LOVE!

Pamela said...

Holy Crap! A baseball??? Ru wants to know if you get to keep it :>

Glad it's finally out. We can't wait to hear the updates. Hope you're not in too much pain. Let us know where you'll be so we can send supplies. Jess and I are making a care pakage for you (that hopefully won't get stopped at the border for import violations), so request away.

Get some sleep, because you're gonna need your strength for Mikefest.

Pamela & Ru

bex said...

Great to hear your update! a baseball-wow-glad the op was successful- I have lots of faith in the docs here. thinking of you love an hugs....Bex an boyz xxx

Gail said...


Luke said...

Thats great news Mike!!! I was thinking about you the other day as I was shoving a half pound Bila Vrana burger in my mouth. Can't wait to get one together.

Una on Tour said...

Great to hear from you and here that the tumor is gone. Am in KL is freaking hot,humid and dirty i have a cold, a sore throat a growing addiction to valium and a burst blood clot in my leg and i can't find anywhere to have a beer, does that trump you now?

davidsbundler said...

holy mackerel,mike,baseball-sized?? what you gonna do with all that extra space in your head?

thanks for the update,that's the BEST news!

take care,old boy

Anonymous said...

Great news Mike! It really does sound promising man... Send more news soon. All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mike I want to see that tumor. Glad everything went well, hope to see you soon, Willie

casey said...

Mike, keep the good news coming....and looking forward to more details of your experience under the care of golden hands. He deserves many a shot of slivovice for his good work.

Talk soon,

Anonymous said...


That is GREAT news! :) I cannot believe the size of that thing, and I echo Casey about the Slivovice.

Congratulations on the successful surgery and I'll keep checking in for more news.

Much love and hugs,

Greg said...

Some might argue that Slivo is more of a punishment than a reward, but the sentiment is certainly correct. Senor Golden Hands should be commended -- and you as well Mike. Commendations for everyone!

looking forward to getting over this cold so i can congratulate you in person,

Anonymous said...

Te voy a regalar una vitrina de trofeos para que guardes esa pelota!!! y al neurocirujano le invito a pasar en Madrid la gira española del MIKEFEST... bueno, mejor le dejamos que lleve una vida sana para conservar el pulso de sus "golden hands".
Espero seguir leyendo buenas noticias. Un brazo!


Anonymous said...

You are settled!
I am glad, because you all right.
You are well on the way.

Ahoj....Martin :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,
Pauline wants to know what you're doing with a Czech condom on your head?