Thursday, February 21, 2008

histology today

Well, I’m back at Kateřinská, in my old room and in Květo’s old bed of all places. Everyone here was really happy to see me. My roommate is a 24-year old retired soldier who gets strokes at least once a month and little ones almost daily. He’s very nice.

Vlad’a, my roommate from Homolka is, as I write this, having his second brain tumor removed this year. I spoke to him yesterday and he was pretty nervous, as one would expect. I’m pretty worried about it as well and will call the hospital later to find out the results. He owns two blue grass / country western bars in Karvina, outside of Ostrava, and we’re planning a big party there with Mirek after this is all over.

Miluška, one of my favorite nurses here, came at 5:30 this morning to draw three vials of blood from me. Nothing came out at first, so she had to poke around a bit until she could get some.

It looks like I get my histology today at some point – probably within the hour. One thing that I failed to mention after the operation was that it looks like the baseball in my head was actually not the primary tumor. Everyone was so happy that the operation was a complete success; I didn’t want to spoil the party.

It’s going to take me a bit to digest the news, so I wanted to get this out in case you don’t hear from me again today. I'll try to write soon.


liz said...

Hey kiddo,
I wondered about that. Another in the noggin? Found this site while looking for info: - people living with the same sort of thing (depending on histology results, obviously): seems informative, friendly, positive. Might be good (tell me to butt out if not).
Lots of love, E xx

Kumbaya Dammit said...

Thinking of you Mike and sending good vibes -