Wednesday, February 6, 2008

later kater

Before I go off to another hospital, I think I need to say a few words about where I've been the last three weeks - my new and now former, yet potentially future home: the neurological clinic at Kateřinská 30.

The doctors, nurses, babička receptionists and the Ukrainian cleaning woman here at Kateřinská are incredibly kind, caring and compassionate and have really helped me feel comfortable and very much at home here - and I'm not all that easy to live with.

My doctor, MUDr. Lucie Nováková, is a star and an angel - actually my accolades could just go on and on and I honestly have to say that I don't think I could get through this without her.

Despite the potential progress in my goal to get the golf ball out of my head, I'm actually going to miss this place and the great familiar staff, but maybe not the breakfast...

I am, however, very confident that I'll be back here very soon for my recovery. That's the latest plan anyway :-)


maie said...

I wanted to be the first to comment on this fresh new page of blog rather than tag along on the back of one that has already been sullied. I'm sending you much love and best wishes from across the Bospherous.

Wanted to contact you sooner, but was also aware that you were probably overwhelmed so was waiting for an appropriate time to crawl out the woodwork. And this is it!

You are tenacious enough to get through this. There are still too many beers to be drunk. When you get well, if you can handle the shock - i'll even buy them!

Thinking of you lots darling.


liz said...

Dear Friends Of Mike... and you, Mike dear, obviously,
I have a couple of gifts for Mike (things to get a person through those hours when the brain is too exhausted and over-drugged to be able to read, or have a conversation). Is there someone I could meet up with while I am in Prague (till Monday) who would be able to pass them on to Mike at an appropriate moment?
I¨m in Letna, and can be emailed on liz_cochrane AT or texted on +44 7736 411494
Thanks so much.
Liz xxx

Shay said...

I love you Mikey and hope you can keep us updated here. I miss you and love you!


Una on Tour said...

hey dude, greetings from Cambodia, hilliarious about playing tumor trumping, i hated those tumor trumpers when i was in hospital getting my knees done! I have had agonising knee surgery, i have a tumor, dammit!!! you always win. Ack