Monday, February 11, 2008


The operation was a success and Mike is now in intensive care and will be there for the next couple of days.

(Editors' note: We've seen him, he's awake and alert and wants to provide further details himself, so please bear with us until he is able to post.)


liz of brandys said...

Oh that is so excellent. Good job, Mike! Good job, doctors!

Anonymous said...

Freak Parade says GET WELL DUDE.

That's great news that the operation was successful.

Wishing you all the best,

Mike (and the rest of the FP crew)

Bill K said...

Well done Mike,

Great to hear!
Wishing you a speedy recuperation.

Bill (karaoke,but we actually see each other more often at vodafone)

dominik said...

gret to hear!!! now its all starting to look much better :-))
quick recovery, mike.

Pamela said...

YAY MIKE!!! I am so happy to hear this, though not surprised, as you are one tough little bugger. I can't wait to hear more details on how you're doing.

I think this calls for a special Mikefest.


larry said...

Congratulations Mikesh!!!! That is amazing news, and I will sit tight and await details.

Much love,

karl said...

Such good news! Anna-Marie and I send our love to you once again!

chihuahua lady said...

big big yay for mike and the medicos!!!!

willie said...

That is fantastic! I am relieved and overjoyed to hear it.
Keep us posted.

All the best, Willie

Kumbaya Dammit said...

Great news - very very happy to hear it! Will be checking regularly for updates.


Marika said...

dude... my hair is standing on end... you are a rock god, and well.. you know it.

the only other time i recall feeling this way in regards to you was when you sang karaoke...and hit that special "mike note" that almost caused the glasses to break but for sure popped a champagne cork in the next building.

I am ecstatic for you.


Gail said...

Thank God for this. And thank God for you.

Una on Tour said...

mike, i got up before nine, with a hangover to check the net so see how things had gone. it wasn't working so i had to walk down the street, in the dust, and heat with constant calls of tuktuk lady, where you go lady. I am delighted beyond words that everythings seems to have worked out for the best, delighted for you and your mom, take care and keep on smiling. now i'm off back to bed.

love una

bextra said...

yeay...glad it went well! I'm watching the web closely to hear your progress. We r all sending you get well vibes. lots of love Bex,Stiv & Bobby xxxxxxxxxxx

sonicko said...

wayhey! well done you!
i feel the biggest Mikefest ever coming on.
Looking forward to hearing the blow by blow of the op.
lots of virtual hugs to you and the Marys.

Scott said...

Great to hear the operation was a success Mike. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes,
Scott and Romy

casey said...

Mike - thats great news!!! MikeFest '08 here we come.

Take care and rest up.

Look forward to seeing you soon. Casey

Prokop said...

Hey this is by far the best news I got to hear in the last few weeks! Or maybe even months...COOL!
C u soon Mike!

Anonymous said...

Mike! I am very happy! Gala from Moscow

Anonymous said...

Such good news! Madrid is waiting for Mike´s come back from the dark side.


Anonymous said...

Mike. This is awesome news. I am so happy for all of us. Ann


Todo va a salir bien!!!.

krystal mark said...


excellent news! i wish you a full and speedy recovery.

mark g.

sarah said...

so glad to hear things are going well :-)

maribee said...

Hi Mike, this is great news and here's wishing you a speedy recovery... looking forward to when you will be doing your own blogging once again! all the best/Mary A.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you've had the operation and that you're both awake and alert! Nice job Mike! Looking forward to your next posting buddy!

Anonymous said...

Great work. I cannot wait to hear your account. Let us know when/if you can take a call. Pauline has composed a French song, which we will sing to you- some sort of epic tale inspired by the Odyssey, only you are the hero and you take over Greece. In the meantime, we'll be thinking of you.

ledantec said...

Very happy to hear the operation went well. Take care, rest up, and I'll see you in April.


clare said...

This news made my day! Let all continue beautifully.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Tim Hanford

karla said...

James has been keeping me in the loop.. am happy all went well. I have spent many a time in cz hospitals and they were great and very consciousness so u are in good hands,,but take time for your recovery as it could take a while to get back into it.

damien mitchell said...

ive been smiling like a loon since i heard! see you soon.
damien and frantisek

Lucia Latypova said...

Fantastic news!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nice recovery and hope to visit you this year!

Much love,

davidsbundler said...

that calls for a drink!
glad you made it.still wanna get that poster from you ;))

good recovery,mike!
see you when i get back in praha for a few glasses o' single malt