Tuesday, January 29, 2008

get some rest

I haven’t slept more than four hours a night since this all began on the 10th, and my mother even less. It’s long started to not only greatly increase our stress, worry and frustration levels, but our judgment as well. We waste a lot of time arguing about the small stuff, the big stuff, skirting around the issues, finding fault and pointing fingers at ourselves and each other. Then I apologize profusely without actually knowing if I really mean it.

You need to have a clear head - a little harder to do with a golf ball-size tumor in the middle of it - to go through this kind of crisis. You need to slow down and take a step back, look at the larger picture and gather as much information as possible prior to making any irreversible life decisions. Seems kind of obvious in retrospect...


chihuahua lady said...

Mikey!! hold tight, we are thinking of you everyday, and in a nice way, ahah.
me and johnny are writing you a hospital drama, for some in-house entertainment.
love you loads
jane and johnny

karl said...

Hey Mike!

Just wanted to send you our love and let you know that we are thinking of you. We're here for you and Anna-Marie is lighting candles for you at church. Also, her mom has her Novina group blasting you with heaps of prayers as well. I know Ann and Kat are there for you too, and we are there in spirit if not in body.

Karl and Anna-Marie

Shay said...

Further love from Colorado, Mikey, though I know you have some visiting you there now. I wish I could do the same. I miss and love you hugely and you're heavy on my mind every minute.

Love Always,

sasha said...

my god man ... I'm crying like a baby. With all my love and affection I wish you the strength and reserve to pull through this. I know you have it.
Thinking of you constantly and walking around in a daze...
your friend,

Minna said...

Hi Mike,
I am so very sorry to hear this news. Please know my thoughts are with you and am sending nothing but positivity to you!

Your Vojta - Not Luke's Vojta said...

Hello Mike,

what are you doing out there? I have a B-Day party tomorrow !!!! What kinda party is that gonna be without you?

Ok this is the deal: If you dont show up tomorrow I will get over it. But you better make sure that you show up next year !!!!

Get well !!!! - thinking of you. Vojta

Liz of Brandys said...

Hi Mike!
Now look at all of us here together because we care about you and want to wish you strength and luck! (Even the odd casino owner knows your luck is rather high; well, to their dismay you are now being HEAPED with more :-))
You certainly are one of a kind. Take care and na zdravi!

PS Repost with corrected spelling!

Anonymous said...

Goodness way,
crazy wild, smily, dancy, singing, shining Mike is not partying now and having "holiday" somewhere in hospital?
We are all thinking of you and hopefuly you get better very soon!!!
Will take you out after :)
Keep in touch
Scandal Lenka :)

Fernando said...

Llevo un rato intentando poner algo,las frases se agolpan,y lo voy a resumir de la siguiente forma: Estas pasando dias malisimos,pero esto se pasara.Estoy convencido que dentro de poco estaras más animado.Y esto desde el convencimiento que los nuevos farmacos estan teniendo exito.He leido mucho sobre el tema y hasta para tu dolencia hay tratamientos.Creeme,los medicos se ponen siempre en lo peor,(con el tiempo te das cuenta que es un protocolo).Lo vas a contar y diras..¡ Hijos de puta! ¡ No me volvais a hacer esto! Conozco varios casos que tambien lo pusieron algo dificil y estan bien...¡ ya hace años!
Desde aqui solo puedo decirte que nos vamos a ver. Y que tu victoria sera la nuestra.Convencete.Te vas a curar.
Hasta pronto amigo!!


Lucia Latypova said...

Dear Mike!

It is good to be in touch with you again!.. and strange to hear about a golf ball in your head..Hmm.. I pray and hope that this situation will be resolved soon sucessfully.

I believe our pains could be blessings in disguise. Try to have quiet humble times, listen to silence, focus on the flow of your breathing, send love to your cells. Your time in the hospital can be speacial and healing. Wish you luck and patience!

My love to you and your mom!

Andrewww said...

U can be happy that its happend to U here in Prag, city of culture and science and not in wild forest in America where lives only crazy monkeyz. After all, U can use that brain photos to make art of it in photoshop...GL

tycho said...

Szia Mike!
Beaming out the healing vibes from Budapest, which should be reaching you in our extended Schengen world :-) Keep breathing deeply, you will get through this just fine.
Lots of love

Mark said...

MIKE!! Sending love and healing vibes from Texas. Since I was informed of your predicament, I'm trying to finagle a way to be in Prague this summer, even if only for a short while on the way back to Moscow. Hang in there.

Hugs and Kisses,

Vaughn said...

Mike - Thanks for your blogs. You are always a delight, whether in person or in prose. If only the circumstances were kinder. You're in our thoughts and in our hearts. Wishing the best of all possible outcomes. - Vaughn and Myrna

Marika said...


i am willing you the best healing energy i can muster.

and more...

- marika

Laura said...

Bright Blessings Mike!
Sending you all of the healing energies I can muster today. Be steadfast -- many are trying to help with strength for you!

Looking East and thinking of you.


Bad said...

ola chico!! i have no doubts you will make it through this!! many more mike-fests to go!! I am sending my RSVP for the one coming up. I shall see you soon!! stay strong.

bad jeff