Sunday, January 20, 2008

sunday's service

Many, in times of uncertain crisis, find their strength in a "higher power;" I find mine in the sheer beauty of life, the love and support of my friends and family and the strong sense of belonging that comes with being an integral, yet small part of the larger whole.

But, whatever helps you get through this, keeps you strong and together, will also help me.

Please feel free to contact me through this blog. Don’t worry if I don’t respond directly, just know that I got your message and am thinking of you, too. Please stay strong, positive and hopeful for yourselves, each other and for me, in whatever way you choose. That's the best support I could possibly want.


marly said...


Bohdana said...

cool idea, since i will be house-bound soon. but see you before i pop... hopefully tomorrow.

Augusto said...

Amigo Mike, ponte las pilas que tienes que estar en forma para celebrar el 200 Aniversario del levantamiento de Madrid contra los franceses... Estamos preparando la ciudad para el Mike-Fest del 2 de Mayo!
Un abrazo.

Una on Tour said...

hey Mike

Una here, i'm stuck in laos, far away from the drama in prague. I just want you to know that i'm thinking of you and will light some incense in a Wat for you and what a range of wats i have to choose from , and i'll sink a couple of beer laos. It's the best pivo outside of praha.

take care and love you


Greg said...

Well said mike. I'm also not a believer per se, but watching your network of friends shake the cobwebs out and rally around something has been spiritual in its own way.

As far as prayer goes, however, maybe next time we should all just avoid it.
Largest Study of Third-Party Prayer Suggests Such Prayer Not Effective In Reducing Complications Following Heart Surgery

"Some patients were told they may or may not receive intercessory prayer: complications occurred in 52 percent of those who received prayer (Group 1) versus 51 percent of those who did not receive prayer (Group 2). Complications occurred in 59 percent of patients who were told they would receive prayer (Group 3) versus 52 percent, who also received prayer, but were uncertain of receiving it (Group 1). Major complications and thirty-day mortality were similar across the three groups."