Thursday, January 24, 2008

american embassy to the rescue!

At 4:24 in the morning on January 24, my mother accidentally sent a rough draft of a letter explaining my 'medical problem' to the US Embassy's Department of Citizen Services.

The letter begins, "My son, Michael Thomas Gisondi, U.S. Citizen, D.O.B. 5/12/1969 was diagnosed on January 10, 2008 with a brain tumor..."

This was their generic response - almost 5 days later:

Dear Mr. Gisondi,

Unfortunately, we don’t believe there is anything specific the Embassy can do in your case. We have attached to this email the list of hospitals we know of here in Prague, which may be useful if you feel you are not getting proper service. We would recommend always being in close contact with your insurance plan, which also may be able to give you guidance or work on your behalf with the hospital.

Consular Section

Wow! So that's what we pay taxes for! Funny that it probably would have been my job to cut and paste that crap to people with real and serious problems, as I was the only one in Prague (out of five - really six, but I'm not counting the girl who flipped out during the psychological section) who actually passed the Foreign Service Exam in November 1999.

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