Monday, September 1, 2008

working in the garden

I had my last dose(s) of radiation today (I had mistakenly miscounted in the last post, apologies) and couldn’t be more pleased. The red areas are redder and I’ve lost a bit of hair in the pit and, aside from the: seemingly indelible, inscrutable, ‘out, out damn spot’, unscrubable, stigmatic welts of crosses from the dye, I’m fine.

Went to my good friend and former prodigy’s cottage up in my old rhinoceros stomping grounds of České Středohoří on Friday to help him with some gardening:

I unfortunately got called back on a callback for a commercial much earlier than I had planned on Saturday afternoon, only to find out that the casting director was the selfsame schmuck I had a bit of a ‘disagreement’ with last Tuesday at the karaoke of all places. With my recently-acquired arch-nemesis calling the shots, I doubt I have one. Prague is really too small.

So I bought a ticket for Madrid. I have some time before my next CT scan on the 25th and need to get the hell out of here for a bit. I’ll have a PET scan some time in late October and then plan to go to the States in time to vote.

If melanoma ever makes me crazy enough to pick a gun-toting, creationist, pregnant-teenage-daughter-having, small town politick, Canadian-sounding (no offence, but c’mon), right-wing whackjob as my back-up, just pull the plug.

My mother fractured both her tibia and her fibula playing golf with a baby this past weekend, but is recovering nicely.

Happy (only-in-America, gotta be different) Labor Day! Go Obama!


Shay said...

Who's your baby daddy, Bristol?

Denver is still laying in bed smoking a cigarette after Obama left us breathless.

Mike for Secretary of State!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what does the baby look like...?

Anonymous said...

I am the baby's father. What's your beef?

Anonymous said...

Hey Darling,
Sorry I have been out of the loop lately, really have no good excuse. The DNC was followed by the Modern Drunkard Convention which was pretty much a blast, needed Monday to recover from it all. Hope to talk to you soon. Glad to hear no more shingles or radiation. A

Liz said...

Enjoy Madrid. Hope this means your visa problems are now behind you.

E xx

Pamela said...

The RNC was so boring we had to turn it off. I know the hall was filled with a bunch of old white guys, but would it have killed them to get some better entertainment? The DNC had Melissa Etheridge and a Dooby Brother. If they can't even bother to put on a good show, I can't be bothered to listen to the speeches. I think they had some Christian "pop" singer whose album probably went "double myrrh" a'la South Park. With so many teen moms and their young babies, you'd expect them to skew the entertainment younger. Oh wait, teen moms are too young to vote.

And yes, agree completely, Palin totally sounds Canadian.

Sue Doin said...

Hi Michael,
Loved the photo on your blog page! Just took your Mom to get"beautified"-I was driver for her haircut apt. and she hopped right up the steps, has adapted very quickly and well to using crutches and as always, is the most very resilient lady I know! She is doing just great!!! Hope you have a wonderful trip to Spain. Happy travels and will watch for your blog to hear all about it!
Sue Doin

Anonymous said...

Here ya go.

Ingrid said...

She ABSOLUTELY DOES not sound Canadian. She does, however, sound like a hick (yes, there is a way to do that without an Alabama accent, like the last democratic President of the U.S.). No WAY are my peeps gonna take responsibility for that one.

Tell you Mom it works better when she plays with a ball. You get more loft.

xox. IT.

maire said...

arranging shotgun weddings must be SO much easier when you belong to the NRA.

a candidate who truly "sounded canadian" would be promising universal health care and free tim horton's donuts, i didn't hear mention of either in miss alaska's speech.

i've thought of the first part of a joke but i don't have a punch line. i'm throwing it out there as a challenge:

what's the difference between a pitbull and a canadian?

hasta pronto!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Just popped a tshirt in the mail to you, did not need a customs slip so hopefully it will fir in your mail box, I think you are gonna like it. Ann