Sunday, August 24, 2008

something rotten in iceland

Jon left Thursday at 4AM and Mark took off yesterday morning. Jon and I went to see Sigur Rós last Tuesday amidst all the hype, hyperbole and hooplah over Britain’s #5 band. Jon and I have probably seen close to a hundred concerts together and this show was no exception, since we saw it together. What made it exceptional was that it was the worst, most expensive (@$50) concert either of us had ever seen. Not that we saw it, really, as there was a very bright spotlight trained on our retinas for the duration of the show.

From the inane rambling falsetto bilge of their made-up language to the droning dirge of the pompous, yet uninspired instruments, these guys (and their PR machine) did not fail to disappoint. Their cookie-cutter formulaic cheese coupled with the unlimited freedom of arbitrary, meaningless strings of phonemes make them a better business plan than a band, as the duped hordes of post-gothic whitey that filled the stadium rapturously attested. They spared us a second encore, but replaced it with pretentious histrionic curtain calls. A sham of a mockery of a farce of a scam. The emperor is stark naked and we felt like we’d been mugged.

My blood results were good last week: white blood count: 8.5 and platelets: 202. Thursday’s sonogram revealed a very enlarged (by 13mm) and damaged gall bladder, most probably a direct result of the chemo, but no stones, sort of thankfully. The damage (chronic cholecystitus), I’m told, is permanent, since it’s chronic. My prostate continues to be enlarged as well, but that was all the bad news. My liver, kidneys, pancreas, bladder and even my spleen, all check out fine.

Radiation again tomorrow – just five more sessions to go. I’m starting to get pretty red around the radiated areas now, but was expecting this, as I’d seen it on my fellow radiatees in more obvious places.

Had a great but exhausting time with Jon and I landed a lot of unexpected work last week, so I haven’t been able to post. I went to Efka & Scott’s wedding out in the middle of nowhere yesterday and had a blast. Here’s a picture of the bride blushing along with her bridesmaids, the groom and the preacher:

Looks like we’re off to Crimea if we can get there before the Russians invade (again). Still no visa.


Anonymous said...

Mike is not exaggerating. The show really was that bad.

Yup, we paid for the kind of "multi-media" treatment that detainees at Guantanamo get for free.


Jiffz said...

I have witnessed, read and personally shouldered dozens of Mike's rants over the years and never (ever ever ever) have I experienced such a withering onslaught of opinion as that concert review. More please!

Una on Tour said...

So if Sigur Ros come to Dublin you recommend that I don't go see them. Did I get that right?

Greg said...

Sorry to hear about your gallbladder Miku. Normally those puppies rank right up there with the appendix in terms of usefulness, but i worry about your ability to continue writing such delightfully withering band reviews without the extra bile. ba doom ching! cha cha cha!

James Freeman said...

Sometimes it's a fine line between high art and rock n roll swindle.