Friday, August 15, 2008

the paper curtain

I met with my radiologist on Monday. She looked at my chest, declared an improved case of shingles, cancelled my medication, filled my other prescriptions and sent me on my way to the radiator. A whole three minutes! I think she’s warming up to me.

I threw up a whole lot of nothing yesterday morning before heading off to the hospital for blood tests and round #4 of radiation. Radiation sickness is pretty different from chemo nausea – not as bad really. I feel OK today.

After weeks of amateur repainting of my tattoos by just about everyone from a few aspiring Modrians to mostly wannabe Pollocks, the Chinese whispers had caused a drift in my markings of several centimeters in seemingly random directions. This didn’t go unnoticed by the professionals and they had to start from scratch by taking more chest x-rays and realigning me with my original CT.

The subsequent over-painting left my torso a messy mass of religious and runic symbols:

Mark thinks that they’re not really giving me any radiation, but just painting crosses on my body and hoping that will work.

I get my blood results back on Monday along with more radiation and have a sonogram on Thursday of my gall stones and then again more radiation.

The Russian invasion of my intended beach vacation and my ongoing visa limbo has left September’s travel plans unclear to say the least. We’re now thinking Bulgaria. I’m going to have to bring some stronger pressure to bear on my visa situation if I ever hope to get out of the country alive (pun intended). Jon gets back from Germany tomorrow morning with news from beyond the paper curtain.


Una on Tour said...

A sonogram?

Wow, like the ones they use in pregnancies????

Anonymous said...

love the haircut!
I had my doubts about those black crosses. tim h.

Erin said...

love the pics of your pits! Miss you lots Mike...thinking of you often.

Erin xoxo

Tim said...

Glad you lost the goatee - there was something disturbingly Jesus-meets-Rob-Reiner about it.

Thinking of you,

Tim Boudreau

Anonymous said...

hate to say it, but I liked my clumsy painting better . . .


Anonymous said...

Heh Mike.. bad me been following your blog but not commenting or anything..but I am in Prague right now..if you fancy a meetup sms me.0031613931396

Oscar.19 august

Liz said...

Hm. Well *I* hate to say it, but I was oddly fond of the unnatural yet half-holy spawn of the Jesus/Rob Riener confluence. But, you know, Mike's chin is nice too.
Mike, if you painted a mini version of one of your fake radiation markings there (on your chin), and wrapped a black cotton cloth across your forehead to hide the hair, you'd start to look awfully like an old, tattooed Bedouin woman. Nice to have such a variety of guises you can work with.
Henny says you're still smoking. Don't you know that's unhealthy? English Auntie says Knock It Off. Please.
I know, I should mind my own business.
Here's another trans-Evropsky hug instead.


Jake Doyle said...

Hey Mike,

Check this out. Watch it until the end. Very interesting. About another guy with stage 4 in the brain who said no to chemo.

Pamela said...


Don't know if you were around NYC at the time of an underground (yet two flights up) Bulgarian club called Mehanata on Canal street but they had these skeevy "beach parties" in the Winter where they would basically drink poorly made fruity drinks and play UB40 over and over again. Hope your trip is more fun that that :>

Get Tased! said...

You look strangely like Sun Micro Tim here. Odd :)


Tim said...

That's because I am Sun Micro Tim, Hunter :-) Where are you these days?

damien mitchell said...

Scrap Bulgaria. Jane and i have been talking lounging on the Crimean beaches instead. Have a think about it. Ash and i were thinking of going to Poland a few days before to avoid the joy boys at the Czech Ukrainian embassy.
we'll discuss in person soon, I'm sure.