Tuesday, September 30, 2008

probably not good

Irina and I went to Motol this morning to meet my new erstwhile oncologist (mine is recovering from surgery) and get last Thursday’s CT results. That’s right, the verdict is: probably not good... maybe:

“Multiple small lesions and ‘infiltrations’ between 2mm – 4mm are apparent in both lungs.” They suspect lung metastasis. But it could also be some sort of inflammation - they can’t really tell or say. But they think it’s metastasis, they’re sort of sure (like they were about the ‘first’ lung tumor). The other lymphatic tumors are slightly reduced or the same as before. Gall bladder still in tatters, but the good news is that the report says nothing about my prostate. Yeah!

I compared both CT lung exams (July 24 & September 25) and can’t see any difference therebetween even with the fancy magnifying glass function. I’ll be looking for a second opinion, or yet again, a more definitive first.

Dr. Batko did tell me that I was very lucky to have lived this long. I’m to speak with him again tomorrow after he’s looked at today’s bloodwork and consulted with the other doctors (including my own, I think) at Motol and they come up with a plan/proposal for my next treatment, which I will most likely politely decline.

Because the really good news is that I now qualify for clinical trials! I’m just trying to remain positive. More as this story unravels...

Monogram were great last night - as always. I will be in Atlanta (ATL) twice actually in December for an hour apiece if you want to meet up for a quick $18 beer, Hunter.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Well, that's not really cool news...FUCK Cancer. If you need any help with clinical trial research let me know. Ann

Jiffz said...

Pulling for you, Sport. Let's Skype this evening if you're home. Two weeks until my return to Prague and subsequently your home cinema for CNN, Flippy and Richard Dawson. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that "Bat Company" was not positive, and I am really hoping that things are better than he initially reported. I have to say that I would question the judgment of anybody who would bother to offer "you're lucky to have lived this long" as useful or even slightly pertinent. If there is any correlation between his skill and his bedside manner, maybe things are not so grim.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

(swear) (swear) (swear) doctors in the country have no (swear) sense sometimes. They want to say something nice but it comes out with empathy on the level of Stalin ("Life is short, live it up!").

We're all on your side, Mike. You are strong, you will win, that whimpy (swear) doctor doesn't know you but we do.

Liz of Brandys
(soon to be of Stresovice)

Greg said...

There's a reason he's the back-up doctor. Getting a definitive opinion, good or bad, would at least be something to work with.

Interesting news about the clinical trials... breath is bated.

Una on Tour said...

Oh my sweet buddha, that comment by your doctor will go straight to the top of my list of the most insensitive and pointless remarks made by a doctor. What a dick.

It tops my menieres doctor who told me when I complained that the tinnitus was intolerable that it was probably best for me to try to put it out of my head. doctors, I swear! They treat all the world like lab rats, not real people, with real concerns and fears and hopes.

Thinking of you Mike even if you have decided to skip Ireland on your world tour.

When you get better you may have to thank Sarah Palin though, because they do say that laughter is the best medicine, and I am sure you'll get lots of that tonight.

Get Tased! said...

Dear Mike,

I'll be around then; hopefully I won't be working one of my two jobs the two times for an hour you are there, assuming of course, your plane is not delayed, etc.

Let's make it happen.

An hour of the Zond is like is like seven hours in normal time.