Thursday, September 11, 2008

la vuelta de españa

Sorry it’s been awhile, but I’m in:

And don’t have a lot to report, medically, that is, but hope to make up for lack of text with some visuals.

I got the part as ‘housepainter extra’ or something from that casting after all. I guess dude must have been: too drunk to remember, overcome by remorse, completely desperate or most probably just some low-level flunky who happens to have a laptop and hang out with film people while trying to look important.

Fortunately, I had already bought my ticket to Madrid and therefore had the perfect excuse not to get up at 5AM for three days in a row and go all the way out to boondock Barrandov for full-day pretend house-painting and crap money. Maybe next time.

I arrived here last Friday, pretty much without a hitch - plane was late, food was terrible, but I was not immediately deported :-) Paco and I went straight to the hospital from the airport (his appointment, not mine for once), so I could feel a little more at home - shop and compare, as it were.

I’m floating between Pensión América (Paco’s Mom’s place downtown, where I used to live) and his beautiful new apartment in the near-burbs of Coslada from whence I’m writing now.

Been travelling around a lot: Chinchón, some town called Ear, up to the source of the river Manzanares, etc. and on Tuesday, we went to Salamanca to see Paco’s sister and pick up his nephew for school in Madrid. Here’s a picture of Paco, me and Rebe (his beautiful bird) in the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca:

Having a really great time, eating unbelievably well and healthy - no chorizo for Mikey this time, but lots of fish, fruits and vegetables:

I’ve been experiencing some paresthesis (numbness, tingling) in my right foot and hand, which has had me a little worried. I’m going to try to order a brain MRI when I get back to Prague, as it’s about time for one anyway.

Although it would be a greater risk than coming here, I may go to Bulgaria with my Prague peeps next week. I’ll let you know. Going to see the Senator DJ in Lavapiés (Footwash) tonight – should be wild.

As always, thanks for your patience, comments and continuing support. ¡Hasta muy pronto!


Anonymous said...

That paella looks delicious. Glad you made it out of the CR, without being deported. Hev fun on vaca. and keep me posted on your voting/US plans. Ann

mike said...

It was. As were the other two I had this week. Made it back in under the the new controversial radar. As for my voting plans:

Easliy one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile.

Anonymous said...

me gusta mucho la camisa!
cuida te, tim h.

VMH said...

It sounds like you're having a great time, the food, the sun, staying healthy (well it's all relative, innit?)Am thinking of you and fresh crustaceans...yum! -V

Jiffz said...

It was good to chat with you the other day, Sport. I will buzz you manana for another update. I'm told you were in fine spirits last night at Nico's birthday gathering.

I am currently salivating uncontrollably at that studio-quality paella photo. If you do make it to Bulgaria, I will request more restaurant photos so that I may break my, ahem, "diet" in style, albeit if only in spirit.


Una on Tour said...

I watched the Daily show during the olympics and there was a montage of George Bush in Beijing just goofing around and at one point oogling the asses of the female beach volly ball team. the picture cut back to the studio and Jon Stewart smiled and said, "President bush is so adorable. He should be our mascot and not our president."

I laughed like I haven't laughed at something on tv in ages.

That food from Espana looks great, tasty. not sure if you will find the local food in bulgaria as picturesque.

Anonymous said...

Hola amigo,

we booked you a room near the beach. Dont stand us up, we need you for this - arrival Oct24, procedure Oct25, on-bord Oct26. Liz will assist you, in case you have to cover for the priest.

have a great time, see you soon & muchos besitos!
henny and florian