Friday, September 19, 2008

homeward bound

The paresthesis, for lack of a more accurate term, has got substantially worse and is now accompanied by burning sensations on?/in? my right hand and foot along with the previously-reported pins and needles. The good news is that it’s become so bad that it’s passed (more diffused) to my left side as well – strangely, but logically, considered a positive sign in the topsy-turvy world of neurology.

Diagnosing me via SMS (I was in Spain, she was leaving for the States), my neurologist blamed the usual suspect, the chemo culprit, for my new-found numbness. Seeing me in person on Tuesday, my neurosurgeon, Dr. Klener, gave me a slightly more thorough exam and concurred with her diagnosis. I will have an MRI on October 7th just to be sure. Forgot to ask whether or not this kind of nerve damage is permanent.

I went over to Will and Irina’s for dinner and the traditional bestowing upon of the winter coat on Wednesday - my Mother got last year’s. My first leather coat! And boy is it stylish! But here’s a picture of violins instead:

¡Me lo pasé dpm en Madrid! ¡Gracias a todos! Despite the fact that I lost another molar - this time to a potato chip, which I shouldn’t have been eating anyway. My dentist patched it up yesterday and will replace my chewed-up Terminator-(1)-looking crown, busted since February, a week from Monday.

The big Bulgarian beach barbecue is off (not only for the obvious health implications of ‘beach’ and ‘barbecue’, not to mention ‘Bulgarian’); and although they were practically paying us to go there toward the end, the grapes were really a bit sour: -20 degrees and hail the size of soccer balls or something. I did, however, get my ticket to the States after a protracted struggle with the booking UI, which has no back button and expects both decisiveness and perfection at every screen.

I’ll go up to Rügen Island for Henny and Florian’s wedding weekend on the 24th of October, apparently, and fly out of Berlin nonstop to JFK on the 30th. After about two weeks in the tri-state area, my other intended ports of call include: Baltimore/DC, Denver, San Francisco, possibly Austin, Miami and then Fort Myers, Florida for Christmas.

Tickets are surprisingly reasonable, pretty much regardless of the order of the aforementioned cities, so let me know if there are any potential conflicts or preferences. Nothing’s set in stone, I’m still flexible, but need to be fast. I should get the ticket early next week at the latest.

After Christmas, I’ll either go back to NY (for more), to Seattle or Bethesda (for clinical trials), Argentina and Brazil (just for kicks), or any combination of the above. I’m to return to Berlin on February 17th - hopefully to good news from the Embassy. I still need to get my papers in order (all over again), sublet my apartment and find someone to take care of the šlupers.

Some of my friends from the Northwest Territories took umbrage at my characterization of Sarah Palin as “Canadian-sounding”. If only she were Canadian, as Mary points out, she would have more to recommend her. I’d take Anne Murray or Robin Sparkles over Palin any day. Unfortunately, it’s specifically forbidden by the American Constitution. Wait a minute... that never stopped Bush!

So apologies to my brothers and sisters both to and from the North and, if you haven’t seen it already:

Vrat's birthday tonight.


Liz said...

Can't wait to see you in Ruegen!
And, by the way, I am very sympathetic about the molar: I'm no longer allowed to eat those crunchy caramel nut and popcorn clusters, as the last one proved very expensive treat indeed, resulting in my first ever crown.
E xx

Anonymous said...

Great those dates work for me. I think we may want to scratch Miami since Arron will most likely be in Denver over Xmas, would still like to join you for a leg of the travels despite the fact you are coming to Denver, maybe San Fran? We will discuss. Ann

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Let's meet up when you are in the NYC area! Drop me an email when you get a chance and we can coordinate:

I have all sorts of good info about Ann's wedding and such


Anonymous said...

Hey Bud,
Don't let the tooth thing get you down. I've had strings of breaks, chips, fractures over short periods of time and it is something about the big alpha dominate male psyche that makes us think we're coming apart at the seams when the tooth chips are down. Just don't think that there is any profound correlation whatsoever with fuckface cancer's shot at your bod. It's demoralizing but it is absolutely popular culture and I totally know what you're thinking.

Maie said...

Don't tire yourself out!!!

And as for the profiteering, polar bear killing, law bending, gun toting (from really near the edge of almost a warzone (honest!)) Barbie doll Palin.... aww I'm not allowed to say a thing because I'm British. Shucks.

Anonymous said...

Blame Canada! :o)

Monogram next Monday evening.


Pamela said...

I can't believe you'll be in NYC so soon! I think the timing is good, since we're off to the UK on the 11th--we'll have to make some plans before then. Are you up for the Russian Vodka Room or have you given up Russians and vodka too?

BTW - I am currently sitting here with a broken molar--and my dad is a dentist, so I feel pretty bad about my teeth too :(

Can't wait to see your cute little face.

Send Henny our love.


Get Tased! said...

What?? No Atlanta?? Boo!!!! Athens is lovely this time of year!


Taffy said...


I live in Annapolis, MD just outside DC. I would love to meet up with you when you are in town. Let me know if you have time.

Taffy again