Monday, December 29, 2008

no sleep till brooklyn

My mother had set the table for Christmas a week in advance, so the plates required a little dusting just before the big day:

We had an international motley crew over for dinner with enough booze to put Santa and all his reindeer out through to New Year’s. And while other countries celebrate the day after Christmas as ‘Boxing Day’, where the tradition is to give gifts to the less fortunate; here there’s ‘Black Friday: Part II’, where the tradition is to spend even more money on pointless crap just for yourself and just because it’s cheaper right after an (inevitably) unsatisfactory 25th. They even make the sick consumer orgy sound like a thrilling movie sequel.

I’ve divided my stay here between the age old Florida pastime of schadenwetterfreude: watching the weather channel and gloating over how terrible the weather is ‘up North’ and hanging with the local fauna (this guy from the 9th hole):

Yesterday I began my clinical trial after a brief consultation with my new doctor outside his trailer:

I’ll expand and expound about why I trust a guy in a trailer more than America’s officially sanctioned cancer industry death camps in future posts – all the invective and diatribe you’ve been waiting for in a neat little series of tirades that have been brewing and festering since my arrival – but suffice it to say that I’m pissed and watching a marathon of ‘House’ reruns on channel ‘USA’ right now is not helping. They just gave chemo to a girl with leprosy for no reason.

My Mom and I went to the beautiful beaches of Gasparilla Island today: where the Bushes spend their post-Christmas holiday. We didn’t see any and so had a wonderful time:

I’m headed back to New York later today and Sherm is going to pick me up at the airport, so the taxi won't cost more than my flight. Happy New Year!


VMH said...

That's some Christmas table! (was looking for Tiny Tim hidden like a where's waldo pix). Glad to hear about the clinical trial and curious to hear what you have to say about them and the other legally sanctioned cancer industry death camps...boy talk about a sound bite! And considering I spent the first 18 years of life in a trailer (Champion 12x60) I can say we're not all so bad!
Looking forward to seeing you back in Prahahahaa!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you have found a clinical trial, stay unflamable. Ann

Jiffz said...

You're cutting a leaner profile these days, Mikey. It was good catching up with you and Mom last week. Keep snapping those award-winning pics, baby! And don't hold back on the bile ... we can take it! We *can* handle the truth!

Anonymous said...

we are sitting back with wine from a 4 litre box and thinking of little mikey and also preparing a festive table for whenever he manages to come to wagga wagga.
love jane and kate and john and fiona

Muff Mouff Butthole said...

Happy Christmas, Mike. Fantastic fotos. We're very interested to hear what Dr. Joe Mengele and Co. had to say...... But til then, best of everything for the New Years. Michael and I are very much looking forward to seeing yr nutty ass here in B.A., if it's still in the plans.

K & M

Una on Tour said...

Hey Mike

Happy new year and good luck with the alternative clinical trial ...

maire said...

beautiful christmas table! i'd leave it set for a week after too, personally.

i'm intrigued by this trailer man and look forward to future posts.

apparently we're to have a 'leap second' just before midnight tonight. i promise to think of you while leaping! here's to 2009!

Anonymous said...

way to be! You cut a sardonic Bo Derek "10" pose there, that must have had all of Gasparilla humping ruefully skullduggery and sarsaparilla!

Francisco said...

Feliz dia de Reyes my brother!!!!!
Espero que te encuentres algo mejor de los ganglios, por cierto no me dijiste si estás buscando algún tratamiento por ahí...

bex& boyz said...

happy new year dude! freezing and snowy -yet very pretty here.
sending love always. Bex,stiv bobby xxxxx