Thursday, December 11, 2008

five capitals

Sorry for the delays. Wow. It’s been awhile since Shay and I finally caught that sunset back in Denver:

Mark picked me up at the airport in Austin and we went out to the ‘ham jam’ – a monthly jam session of around a hundred young musicians in this really nice older gentleman’s beautiful mansion. Every room, terrace and closet had people playing fantastic music in it. Great food and drink to boot. Very cool:

We went to see live (music) shows every night, often racing from one to the next, except the night I made Mark and a friend watch Slacker, the main reason I’d wanted to visit Austin since college. They hated it. And no wonder. Austin hasn’t changed that much, so it plays more like a documentary there.

We even got up to Mt. Bonnell to pay homage to Christine at her behest:

And drove down to Houston on Thursday to see his friends play at a dinner theater. It was worth both the five hour car trip and the speeding ticket.

Up early and off to Baltimore on Friday, Sherman met us at Jon and Annette’s house. And on Saturday, we went down to Richmond to see my childhood friend, Kevin, and his new wife, Peggy. We were a bit late, so Kevin had started without us and didn’t quite make it through dinner:

After a delicious all-you-can-eat brunch, they dropped me off at Miguel’s on Sunday, whence we went to dinner karaoke in Arlington (a little risky, but no one was stabbed). On Monday morning, Miguel and I went to the Czech Embassy, where my application was promptly rejected as being ‘out of their jurisdiction’: as my ‘trvalý pobyt’ is in New York, I’d have to apply there. I didn’t argue. Feeling defeated, we spent the day giving inspirational historic speeches at the Smithsonian:

Miguel drove me back up to Baltimore Tuesday evening and Taffy took Jon and me out to lunch yesterday with her beautiful eleven-month old baby, Greyson:

In addition to our senior yearbook, Taffy brought along some old high hair photos and two letters I’d written her my freshman year of college: replete with eclectic time-capsuled period memorabilia. There was even a poem!

I’d spent Tuesday either on or over the toilet with some sort of dysentery/stomach virus. And my (cancerous?) lymph nodes have been swollen and slightly painful, but both conditions have almost completely subsided in the last two days.

I should probably be making more of an effort to look into clinical trials, but I’ve become increasingly suspicious of the motives of the drugs industry, direct or indirect sponsor of all of them. I’m feeling very ‘if ain’t broke don’t fix it’ right now and am enjoying my relatively cancer-free vacation.

Hats off to ‘Aunt Lil’, Zoe’’s Mom, whose latest CT came back tumor free! Great news!

We’re having a birthday party here for and at Jon’s on Saturday, so if you’re in the Baltimore/DC area, let me know – it should start around 3PM EST. See you there!


Pamela said...

Take a probiotic (bifidophilus, etc) please! It will keep your tummy healthy. Stay well!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that things are going well. I completely understand the Slacker problem. Some boys from Texarkana had some hard feelings when I showed 'em Stroker Ace. Did you see the Huckabee dismantling on the Daily Show? I thought it was stunning. Take care of yourself, eat well (remember, one hamburg per state you visit), and get yerself lots of exercise. Btw, I did research on the clinical action here at Yale so let me know if you want you some telephone numbers or links. My word verification is "ander," like that German shampoo "Ander Doudoune" made from goose down that you used to use.

Kevin said...

Just so everyone understands, I wasn't passed out--I was resting my eyes. :) Hopefully, we'll see you in DC for Obama's party...

Anonymous said...

Who is this Shay character?
I think I met that guy Kevin.
The New York Czech Republic Consulate - Tim

damien mitchell said...

Kevin. I've never met you, but if i was to guess i would think mike has been hanging around 1992 Bono. looking good!

Jiffz said...

Great to hear from you again and kudos on another batch of personality-capturing photos, Mikey. Looks as though all is well in America. We're headed into the final week before Christmas in Prague ... no carp yet but plenty of wall-eyes and trammy gargoyles. In other words, same old same old. Periodic dustings of snow make it all better. BLOVE!

Greg said...

I'm a little worried about Shay's extreme Jaundice, and, is it just me, or does Mark (?) look like the Vrat's american doppelganger?

despite these mysteries, yeah, beautiful pics again miku. Looks like you'll be in Florida for the length of my seattle visit, but i'll enjoy being in the same country as you for a while over the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Love the pict. of Miguel, you would never know he is a non citizen. I think maybe you should at least see what is all involved in the clinical trials despite your suspicions of drug industries. You know nothing ventured nothing gained. Ann

Taffy said...

Love the pic Mike! It was great to see you this week. Hope to see you when you get back from Florida.

Una on Tour said...

Hey Mike

I case I don't get a chance Happy Christmas. Hope you have a good one and a peaceful and healthy new year.

I know it's not really my business but I think that you should give the clinical trials a try (sorry), after all who else is going to sponsor them but the drug companies. It's up to you.

later and have a good one.


Anonymous said...

thank you again for staying with us, we had a lot of fun...not that we do not have any at all right now, but it's just not the same...
Hope to receive your teachings about the great state of Florida soon, haven't seen you in four days, so you better post something to hold us over until January, ok?


Travis Jeppesen said...

How could they hate Slacker? One of the greatest American films ever!

The Great Unwashed said...

Sorry I haven't checked in for a while. LOVE the pics