Saturday, December 20, 2008

orange blossom special

Had a lovely time in our nation’s capital and its beltway environs. The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore was particularly inspirational:

But the real highlight was Wilco last Sunday at the Opera House – that’s right, second row center! Almost too close:

The Opera has recently filed for bankruptcy like everyone else over here, so they’re branching out a bit. I’m thinking of booking it for next year’s mikeFEST™. The show blew me away and more than made up for that Icelandic nonsense in Prague.

I got to Florida on Tuesday and was met by my uncle, aunt and cousin who I hadn’t seen for quite awhile. We played cards and ate a lot. It was fun. My mother, Bob and I have been nosing around some of America’s greatest discount warehouse stores, hunting for last minute bargains and shrimp platters.

I’m off to Orlando in a couple of minutes to see Zoe’ and her Mom. Healthwise, looks like the neuropathy is here to stay in varying degrees of numbness. I’ll set up the Wii Fit thingy when I get back and start my electronic yoga routine as well as daily trips to the state-of-the-art fitness center, pool, hot tub and sauna.

Pretty much everyone in Florida has cancer, so I fit right in. My post-Christmas plans are still up in the air, but I’m planning on going to the inauguration, even though the post-election euphoria is showing some wear and tear:

and then to Buenos Aires in January for a couple of weeks. Thanks again for all your comments and support. Miss you all, merry Christmas!


Jiffz said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Sport! Wii Fit!? That thing gonna travel back to Prague with you, hmmm?

And, will you be set up for internets on the Christmas? I would like to Skype with you and your sweet maminka on the big day if at all possible.

Not much to report here. We made our way through middle earth (P7) to the "Second Annual Prague Expat Theater Holiday Party" at Fraktal, the highlight of which was my bacon cheeseburger. Kidding. Had some great laughs and it was good to be out and about for once. Uncle Curt threw together a scrapbook of every expat theater production mounted since his arrival in 1999. It was pretty impressive to see all of it at once. Our nightclub act was conspicuously absent from the binder, however. Blove*

homo nixon said...

I LOVE the AVAM. Seriously, i've been there like 9 times.....

Also I'm kinda excited that you're comin' to town. If you get a break from Argentina Vrat, give us a holla



K and M

Shay said...

Well Mikey to assuage your, and especially Greg's, concern you'll be happy to know that my severe Jaundice has cleared up with a heavy regiment of egg nog and other such means of holiday cheer. Though I must say that I'm a little upset by the picture of the lesbian peeing standing up on my president-elect, but happy to see your good times roll on. Get on those trials.

Anonymous said...

Happy Hanukah! I can't help but think that today's secret code wod for me does in fact mean something "curem". Looking forward to enjoying some sunshine with you. Ann

Travis Jeppesen said...

Hey - nice to be on the same continent as you again! I'm down in the dirty south also -- Charlotte, NC, to be precise. Heading back to Berlin on Tuesday...

All the best to you in 2009, sir!