Saturday, January 10, 2009

getting outta dodge

After a lovely stay in my mother’s gatored community, Sherman picked me up at Newark ‘Liberty’ Airport and took me back to the Tims’ in Brooklyn. I successfully submitted my visa application to the Czech Consulate on New Year’s Eve and Jon and Annette came up from Baltimore for some shrimp cocktail and gherkins:

I met Patrick and George in Williamsburg for drinks, had dinner at Ru and Pamela’s in Harlem, then spent the last couple days in bad weather at an empty Yale with Tom and Pauline and am now back in Brooklyn, of all peoples and places. Tommy’s in town this weekend. We’re going to the rodeo tomorrow at the Garden – VIP suhweeet! It was all the Make-a-Wish™ people had left over from last year - well, that or a day with Barney™.

I can’t take the constant pressure from the imminent switch to digital TV and am going to Buenos Aires on Monday to watch Law and Order in peace. Maybe the land of steaks and sun isn’t the best holiday spot for someone in my condition, but I feel fine and figure I can probably save some money to boot. Ann’s coming down at the end of January. I’ll be back in Brooklyn on February 9th.

I’m sad to miss the inauguration in DC, but I think I’ve already got the gist and feel much the same way:

Today marks the anniversary of my diagnosis: one year since the morning Adlai took me for the MRI that changed my life. And although it’s been a pretty horrible year, I am eternally (however long that is) grateful, obliged and indebted to family, friends and strangers for the love and support I’ve received since this nightmare began. So thank you.


Jiffz said...

Awwww ... Miku. Nothing but BIG LOVE for ya, guy! Be well, stay warm (shouldn't be difficult in BA) and keep up the beautiful work. I'm off to the Dublin in the morning to dig up family roots and to apply for visas short-term and long. Wish me luck! I mean it. Talk soon*

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mike, your CHristmas blog is a beauty. And the photo as well, sucha nice airy feeling, description that totally matched it. Good time and lots of fun in BA. All the besto for the New Year. we wait for you meet you here in Prague. Irina

maire said...

are you going to look up your old street gang? is argentina vrat still there? will you be smuggling cheese only on your departure this time? for the answer to these and other questions, i will stay tuned...

Liz said...

Love and support continue to emanate from the triangular island off Belgium's coast.
Liked 'gatored community'.
Much delight in your blog and dewishes for de future.
E xxx

Anonymous said...

i second that emotion re triangular isles - and funny bear shaped ones too.
gonna be a great year Mike, new an all that.
enjoy reading your blog immensely.
have fun.

Anonymous said...

when do we get the nuevos from argentina?
(that yellow plate looks familiar)
t. hanford