Thursday, April 24, 2008

up for the count

It’s been a pretty good week both health and otherwise. I even managed to forget that I had cancer for a few hours. Well, not in a row, unless I was sleeping.

All my stocks are up: white blood count - 8.7, which is actually at the high end of normal; RBC is up slightly at 4.65; hemoglobin 14.4; and my platelets are back within the healthy range (albeit toward the low end of the scale) at 160.

Friday was fun. I was out past four and had a FishMac™. I went to Karaoke on Tuesday and did an abysmal rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart - pure torture. Lucky for me, some bozo latecomer attempted it just after I brought the house down with U2’s With or Without You. I was thus redeemed.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped by the other day. I can never seem to get rid of them over the intercom and, not wanting to toss my keys down or give them the building code, I went downstairs myself. Hat off and in my boxers – not even my closest friends are accorded such courtesy.

I found their talk about the end of the world strangely comforting this time around, but chalked it up to schadenfreude. I told them I was a priest in a church that didn’t believe in God (true story) and they seemed cool with that. I told them I had cancer and they gave me a little book with pretty pictures and indicated the relevant chapters.

It was then that three sweet old French lady tourists excused themselves past me and I wished each and all a very good day in their respective languages.

My friend Christine is coming from New York this Saturday. She’s bringing curcumin and catnip among other treats. The catnip is actually for my cat and not an herbal remedy for me, although I’ll try just about anything at this point.

These past couple weeks since my last cycle have flown by and I’m dreading the chemo next Tuesday, but mikeFEST!™ officially begins next Thursday with Chicken Day on Petřin Hill and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be going straight there from the hospital.


Shay said...

I miss your singing voice Mike. =)

No Rush?

Love you!


Pamela said...

Happy Mikefest! May you have many Mikefest returns :>

Anonymous said... it! looking forward to MikeFest!!! Skype you tomorrow. What about the podcast? Ann

Kumbaya Dammit said...

it's only april and it's 100 freakin degrees in Visalia and a senile bull mastiff named Pimpin' tried to remove my face with his teeth yesterday, resulting in an afternoon at the emergency room and a prescription for antibiotics. none of these misfortunes will get me outa this hellhole, though. thought i'd give you some more schadenfreude to chew on. not as good as the end of the world, i admit, but being betrayed by man's best friend does kinda suck. trust me.

happy mikefest - all things considered i'd rather be in prague... have fun!

Ajay said...

hey Mike!

I've actually been following this for a while, but haven't commented yet. So glad things are looking up. You and Prague have been in my thoughts a lot lately, particularly as another mikefest and glorious prague spring comes round again. I'm hoping to come to Prague this summer or fall, so I'm sure I'll see you and the whole gang again. Take care, this illness is no match for your spirit.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Guess who I ran into in Long Beach, CA last weekend! Jon Luftig. We sat in a café and swapped Mike superhero stories from our respective visits. It was pretty cool. Anyway, I hope the chemo is going okay. Talk to you soon,

Anonymous said... now at least you know that that ringing in your ears was not just a side-effect from the chemo...


I'm looking forward to hearing/reading about your adventures with Christine.

Talk to you soon, Purple Pie man.

Una on Tour said...

hey mike

happy mikefest. And greetings from Dublin, my journey is over for now, jobhunting and secretly glad to be home. I know my Mum still says a prayer for you when she goes to mass. Glad that things are looking up, well anyway have a great Mikefest.


Anonymous said...

Happy MikeFEST!!!!

Many kisses,

Liz said...

Just checking in to say Woooh! MIKEFEST!! Ahem. Now everyone in the office is perturbed.
Hope the chicken's delicious. I shall have last year's T-shirt on this evening.
And i'll see you in two weeks, sir.
Love from Liz xxx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Mike Fest!!

James Freeman