Friday, May 2, 2008

happy mikeFEST!™

Christine arrived on Saturday to a spectacular lesbian wedding in my courtyard and (eventually) some four-hour, four-cheese fondue that I spent most of the day slaving over (mostly just stirring).

My blood results from Monday were a little disappointing. My white blood cell count is down to 5.2 (low end of healthy), while platelets are up to 177, so I guess I can shave now. Everything else has remained steady. Here I am as the spitting image of Michael Moore:

Christine came with me to the hospital for all three days of chemo and seemed to enjoy herself sleeping on the communal table. The third cycle wasn’t so great. It really burned this time and I found myself writhing in pain often. I threw up five times on Wednesday, but am feeling a bit better now. I’m really glad it’s over and hope that I don’t need another cycle. My expensive, state-of-the-art tests are all this month, so I should know where I stand before June.

But it’s mikeFEST!™ already and I’ve got a very busy schedule lined up. Please visit: click on the poster, and check out the blog. I’m keeping them separate ‘cause cancer ain't got no place in mikeFEST!™

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Anonymous said...

Happy MikeFest, hello to Christine, and I just don't know what to say about the chemo, it sounds just awful. Waiting for your podcast. Ann