Friday, April 18, 2008

scratch that, reverse it

Looks like I had most of it all wrong in my last post. I got up shortly after six this morning and promptly puked my guts out – so much for nausea ‘under control’. Just some rice noodles from some crap Chinese ‘bistro’ I had the night before. If you’re hungry two hours after eating Chinese, why does it take so long to digest? I wonder.

I got to Motol shortly before 8AM and was immediately next, which sure beats waiting. I’ll be arriving at 8 (when they close the gates, allegedly) from now on.

Apparently, I didn’t know exactly where my tumors were/are. The afflicted lymph nodes are about three inches North from where I thought they were. My oncologist checked me over good and proper and said that the ones in the lymph nodes had not grown in the month since she had checked me last. I guess even people with aggressive malignant cancer can suffer from occasional bouts of hypochondria. Good news!

She scheduled a PET scan for May 21st, which will be the real moment of truth. She also prescribed some cheaper anti-nausea meds, Torecan – the ‘morning sickness’ pills Gail had given me before.

I moved my next cycle up a day, so as not to interfere too much with this year’s 26th annual mikeFEST!™ celebrations. I begin the third cycle on the 29th with blood tests on the 28th. I got home around 10:30 today and was going to have a quick lie down before Larry King at 11. I was supposed to call in for today’s blood results between 1 and 2. I woke up at 3. I’m sure if there were something seriously wrong, they would have called or e-mailed.

Comparing the last two CBCs, there has been a serious drop in my white blood cell count, but it’s still within the ‘normal’ ‘healthy’ range (4.0 – 10.0): 11.3 (March 28) to 6.8 (April 8) – glad I started on the high end. Both red blood cells and hemoglobin remain steady, but ‘platelets’, which are somehow also important, have gone from 254 to 131 (healthy range is 140 – 440). I have no idea what any of these numbers mean.

I now have a full ten days off before returning to my job as a cancer patient. I hope to use this time more wisely and productively than I did this afternoon. But it’s Friday and I’ve had a long nap and am ready to paint at least part of the town the color of my choice.


Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,
I see that this comment board is a little slow to take off, so I'll start by wishing you a Spolecenská
Místnost! Hope you're feeling better.

Kumbaya Dammit said...

hi mike,

just checkin in. my surgery is all over and i'm back at work which is only making me psychically nauseous - not actually puking my guts up. i always hesitate to make any cracks like, hey mike, you may have cancer, but at least you're not stuck working in Visalia CA, but sheesh... wish i was in prague, i'd help you with mike fest. hell yeah!


Greg said...

Perhaps the lesson to take away here is that late-night Chinese might not be the best pre-sleep snack. Hell, i wake up feeling queasy after ingesting the mass amount of MSG found in most Czech Chinese food. Something to consider.

Was great seeing you out on Friday though Mike. The man is a force unto himself.

chihuahua lady said...

mikey mike!! we are getting ready for mikefest 2008!! jane and johnny

Anonymous said...

My dear Mike!

Stay positive, have faith in healing! I believe in you!!!

Jake and me are following your blog and are praying for you. Keep writing and exploring different sides of your situation. You've got a great forum!

I am off for a 10-day meditation reatreat and will miss the beginning of MikeFest.. But forwarded your details to Krokus.

Will get in touch in May, and hope you'll have good news for us soon!

Take everything as a blessing!



Anonymous said...

Happy Mikefest 2008.