Thursday, March 13, 2008

really busy

Hey! Had a very busy, yet productive week this time. Off to Munich with Tommy now to arrange my visa. More on Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Have fun in Munich, let's skype on Sunday of you are available. Ann

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike -
Viel Spass - glad to hear you have had a good week.
Please email me ( your email address and home address, so I can send you glorious package from United American States.
Tim H.

chihuahua lady said...

Dear Mike,
just got off skype and talking to mum and she said she reads you blog every week and her and dad and fiona send you lots of love and strength and are thinking of you!!
us too!
have fun in munich!!
jane and johnny

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike
. . .glad you made it back in one piece from Munich and that you are in good spirits. Carepackagewise, is there anything in particular that you'd like me to send along with Jon on Friday? Let me know...

wishing you truckloads of extra energy to fight this f... cr...