Saturday, March 8, 2008

and you know who you are

My Mom and Jiffy left together on the same flight for Atlanta Thursday morning. So now I’m back to living alone and am still only 38! Thanks to everyone who was so nice to my Mom (and to Jiffy, I guess) while she was here – you know who you are! And thanks to my Mom for being here in the first place! I could write a book about that woman.

My friend, Tommy, will be here in a couple of minutes, all the way from San Francisco. I plan to do a little tribute to all those (and you know who you are!) who flew here to see me both before and after the operation in a future post. It really meant a lot to me and I expect nothing less from Tommy’s visit.

Had a huge (and delicious) five course lunch over at Ivan’s place last Sunday and will see him again tomorrow. I speak to Mirek almost every day and went to see him in Roztyly last week. I only talk to Vlad’a about twice a week, but just got an invite to Karvina for the end of the month.

I think I got very lucky with my roommates, but the bonds that form between patients that are suffering from serious diseases (like me and my roommates) and sharing the same space for a very emotional long time are pretty strong anyway. They are the only ones who really understand what you’re going through, albeit from their perspective. Which may be only one way of looking at it, but at least it’s first hand.

You take care of each other with all modesty out the window. You listen to their stories, their troubles, their jokes, and their fears. You share pills and complain about the nurses. You meet their families and friends, use the familiar form from the get go, all while crossing your fingers and ‘holding your thumbs’. It’s given me a whole new perspective on and attitude toward Czechs and humanity in general.

Tommy’s here and asleep in the living room. I’m going to get him up now, so he doesn’t pull this everyday. Gave myself an ear candle yesterday. Here’s a picture:

Thanks again for all your comments, support and advice. It’s very much appreciated – as are the care packages – and you know who you are! :-)


michael galinsky said...


mike here

remember the 224 ave b answering machine trick?

Just spent the aft with Tim who updated me on your situation. Pleased to hear that the surgery went so well.

He showed me the argentina photos- which are fabulous. it came up because his background is that great shirt hanging one- so i in quired.

i'll check back in soon
lots of love
michael galinsky

VMH said...

Dude, where'd you get the ear candle??? Been looking for them for ages!

Jiffy said...

It was my absolute pleasure and honor to be be able to come visit you, Mikey. I encourage all those waiting in the wings to show themselves and make the trip. You won't regret it. See you in seven weeks, buddy! Mikefest '08!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,

we have done some research over here and we might be able to show your case to oncologists at Heidelberg university clinic. My sister is a doctor in Heidelberg and she already talked to a few people. (Heidelberg apparently is the best place for glioblastoma multiforme, however, it certainly is a good clinic). But she needs your pictures and results. Is it possible to mail them?

My family sends you all their love, and so do Florian, Daniel and Gala from Berlin.

Pls send my regards to your mother - she certainly is one of the most courageous women I have ever met!

I think of you every day and hope to be able to see you in Prague very soon.
lots of love!

Anonymous said...

hi mike,
this is a link for a German researcher in Erlangen ( near Nurnberg).He specializes in melanoma irina

Destination Unknown said...

Glad to hear that you have another roommate now that Jiffy and your mom have gone (temporarily). It was great to see you and to see you looking so well at St. Nick's the other week. Keep up the candling and the good work, and mucho luck today.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Mike. I'm happy Tommy made it there in time to take over parenting duties (hi, Tom), although he's apparently napping on the job (shocker).

Sorry I couldn't make it this month as he & I had briefly sketched out. April maybe?

Take care. Thinking of you often --

Love & xo,


Sherman said...

Hi Mike-

Wish I could be over there with you watching Tom sleep. Please wake him and tell him I'm sorry I never called him back...

Anyway, you're walking a hard road with a lot of courage and grace. Keep the postings coming- you're probably helping people you don't even know about. If I come across anything that seems useful I'll send it along. Can't make it over there yet...and it was only a few days ago that I realized I never got my passport replaced from when the house burned back in...gawd, was it really 1994? (So, no more nifty "Welcome to Gib!" and X'd out Hungarian stamps) Well, I'll head down to the library and get started on that. See ya soon, hopefully.