Friday, March 7, 2008


I realize that everyone is eager for me to begin ingesting or injecting (they haven’t told me which yet) poisons into my body that will likely ruin my immune system, make me sick, make me lose my hair, or (worst case scenario) possibly not work at all. I, admittedly, am not looking forward to this, but am willing and committed to begin my treatment as soon as possible.

I have been spoiled by having the best doctors in the Czech Republic. If I’m going to pay for this, I want the best oncologist(s) working on it. Oncology is best at Motol. Karlák is a dump and is giving me trouble. My GP there declared me ‘perfectly healthy’ on December 17th. That assessment of my condition cost me CZK 356 and a lot of valuable time before the Christmas holiday.

I will pay for the consultation on Tuesday at 9AM at Karlák, but will not begin my treatment immediately after the meeting. That would be stupid. I need to be able to research the type of chemo it will be, as many of the clinical trials I’m looking into exclude candidates who have had certain types. If this doesn’t work, I need to keep my options open and dying without trying is not one of them.

And I need a second (first) opinion. At Motol. Thank you for your understanding. -m


Shay said...

With a process as difficult as chemo is, it is beyond deplorable that the process of beginning it is becoming this difficult. Get the best Mike, you've never settled for less before, don't start now. I wish I could help.

Love and Miss you,

(By the bye, I threw a flaming bag of dog excrement at Zuzana Krautova's front door.)

chihuahua lady said...

zuzana krautova has crabs.

one time i fell asleep on a night tram and ended up at motol, i got a good feeling about the joint.

keep going, keep deep breathing, oh and shay told me it was a real hoot to hear your voice the other day!
how about a bedside podcast one day?

just an idea.
love you big time!

Ingrid said...

Omigosh, Mike. I remember how frustrating it could be to deal with the Czech 'shrug and moue' response to charges of bureaucratic bungling -- how much WORSE must it be when it's about fucking CANCER TREATMENT than just getting your work visa!

Have just spent an hour reading through your blog, catching upon the whole story -- TRUST you to write a blog about brain cancer that actually managed to make me LAUGH.

Zoey and I are sending all kinds of positive vibes, and if you need any more good reading material, just let me know. Christopher Moore's "The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal" was a combination of hilarious and also rather uplifting -- happy to send on.

I'm going to New York for the first time in a couple of weeks -- if there's anything that you'd like to have sent back, my pal Pavlina will be most happy to smuggle for you.

Love you lots, sweetheart -- glad you've got your Mom and Jiffy there, wish I could give you a big hug and take advantage of the best reason EVER to bug you about the smoking.

xox IT.

Pamela said...

Now we know how Kafka probably got some of his material - he must've had to go through the Czech hospital system.

Most insurance situations are a nightmare, no matter what country you are in, but things always seem to be extra difficult to get taken care of in the CZ. I really feel awful Mike. Wish I could go over there and be your health advocate. It's not fair that you have to be the patient and the bookkeeper at the same time.

Keep your energy up and try not to let the stress of the situation worry you. I know that's easier said than done, but stress affects the immune system negatively - so try to breathe it out.


Anonymous said...

I just don't get it, what a bunch of BS, like you don't have enough to worry about. Skype on Sunday? Ann

Erin said...

Buddy...I have thought about you so very often over the past few years...with much love and admiration. I hope you felt the vibes from across the ocean!

My thoughts are with you...and I am grateful that I can connect with you, support you and pray for you with the help of this great blog.

Don't let the fuckers get you never have before so I don't expect you to start now.


Una on Tour said...

When this is all over with I will arrange for you to sue your GP for Medneg and you'll get all your money back. Oh and you'll only have to pay me with a pivo.

Tycho said...

Mike, Mike!

Sorry i haven't written for a while! i do keep up with your blog, amazed by how guickly you've recouped and regrouped since the surgery. When i read about insurance nightmares, my eyes start to glaze over and my intellect retreats into primordial brain stem. Good luck breaking through the bureaucracy, it's weird and sad that the worst part of illness is having to deal with the insurance companies.

Your in my thoughts, hope to get up to Praha soon to see you.

Lots of love,