Monday, November 24, 2008

picture post

I’m in Denver now with Ann. Am having such a great time that I’ve had no time to write (sorry Greg) and given my new camera (which I’m not particularly fond of) and the artfartsiness that is San Paco, this post will be more visual than textual:

Arrived without too much ado after a blast in NYC with Tim et many als. Tommy picked me up on Sunday and took me back to his crib:

Quite the climb up, but what a view when you get there:

And spending ‘more money [on me] than a drunken sailor’ ($15), Tommy took me to a fancy spa up in Calistoga for some hot springs (clearly marked as hot) and clearly ‘not for poor people’:

And although the abandoned boarded-up gas station may hint at progress to come:

the lines that wrap around the block at the Skid Row (aka Jones St.) employment office point to a different reality:

and while the SF mint works 24/7 to print more money, Fort Knox, emptied of its gold, is now open for self-storage:

Insulated from all this in a Korean karaoke with Ann, singing along to images of Prague for some strange reason:

and with a decadent macroörganobiotic barbecue and faux band photo session as the fog rolled in at Golden Gate park on Saturday:

it was easy to forget our friends back on Skid Row, so we went to the track for $1 Sundays: dollar beers and dollar hot dogs, to place our bets with the rest on not-so-easy money and pipe dreams:

We broke even. Neuropathy marginally better. Miss you all. More soon.


Anonymous said...

Great photo montage. More good times to come. Ann

Anonymous said...

The best pictacle (pictuer-artical) ever. Thanks Mike! j.

Jiffz said...

Looks like I picked a good day to check the blog, Mikey. Lovely photos. Ann looks great. So does SF, except for the abject poverty part. Hey, fair and balanced coverage, right? Snowed here over the weekend. U Vodarny last night. Yadda.

bex said...

great pics- ever been a journalist(even at the prague post)...your news is always great to read. missing you here in Prague of course.Love to Anne- tell her we miss her too.
lots of love. bex Stiv an Bobby xxxxx

Liz said...

It looks as though the hot water sign at the spring baths has been painted on the pool-side ashtray. Tasty.

Slupers said...

things are good. food is decent. pida treats me well, and so do your friends. just that little one looks at me funny. i wish i could bite him.
your beloved cat

maire said...

great photos!

i'm not sure what's perplexing me more -- the use of photos of prague to illustrate harry chapin's "cat's in the cradle" or the thought of you singing harry chapin's "cat's in the cradle."

i'm filing this under "things that make you go 'hmmmm.'"

Francisco said...

Vaya mierda de fotos, esto es lo que sabes hacer con tu nueva camara??

Ingrid said...

Jiffy and I are here in Prague and have chosen to spend our time together teasing you in absentia (he just took a picture to prove it.) You would be sooo proud of me, have managed to stay out TWO NIGHTS STRAIGHT past 3 am. Glad you are doing so well, enjoy continued travels, and let me know when you're headed back to NYC -- may have to jump on a plane and show you how fun I've somehow managed to become! Love you lots, xox Ingrid