Thursday, November 13, 2008


I’m winding up my time here in New York - off on Sunday morning to San Francisco to see Tommy and eventually Ann. I’ve made some changes to the blog (look to your right) to reflect the fact that I’m no longer in the hospital or even in Prague for that matter, while updating the picture from one showing me without hair to a recent one of me trying to pull it out (courtesy of Pamela – the picture, I mean).

I just got back from more laundry and yet another delicious soul food lunch special. I think I may be addicted to both. Soul food restaurants seem to be the only places to get large portions of unpretentious, pronounceable vegetables at reasonable prices in New York, not to mention jerk goat and grits.

Last Friday saw Tim, Sherm, Christine and me up at Tom and Pauline’s in New Haven, of all places, for a brief look at Yale, the fall foliage and to clear the beach of vermin for the season:

Back in Brooklyn on Saturday, I met up with Jessica who had flown in from Maine just to sing karaoke with me. We were out until almost 6 in the AM, still singing medleys of TV theme songs to anyone who would listen.

After lunch with Pamela and John Oliver, of all people, in Chelsea on Tuesday, I tried to catch up to the Veterans’ Day Parade, but those vets were either too fast or I was too easily sidetracked.

I stopped in to see a $10 ‘psychic advisor’ palm reading gypsy lady, who told me that I ‘will have a very long life’. That finally settled and much to my relief, I tipped her two bucks and took my time (now that I had more) getting to the Intrepid, the ostensible start of the parade:

The Intrepid had been billed as ‘the greatest symbol of peace’ in New York Harbor that morning by the douchebag singing Bush’s praises and running the Veterans’ Day ceremony. He must have missed the Statue of Liberty somehow on his way in - gigantic artillery piece or surface-to-air missile in the way, I guess.

The neuropathy has stabilized for the worse, but I bought a pair of high tops to improve my support, widen my wheel-base and fit in better in Brooklyn. Three hours of walking didn’t do me any favors, so I met Marguerite for drinks and Thai at the end of my hike in midtown.

Thanks for the comments. I’m off to town to buy a camera before the sabbath. Later.


Greg said...

i am completely baffled. what the heck is going on in that tom picture?

sounds like a good trip so far man. do your high-tops have Reebok Pump action? if not, they should, as pump shoes are totally rad.

Oh, and i submit to you as evidence of how your absence is being felt; the folks at Universal have asked where you've been. Apparently, you're the only one who drinks the Stella.

Jiffz said...

I second Gregu's inquiry on the Col. Parker pic. Is that what they call a New Haven field mouse?

You sound busy and full of soul. I'm jealous. I've already had to cut down on my pepperoni consumption and it's only been four weeks. Damn these Czechs and their smoked meats.

Anonymous said...

Ya, what the heck is that thing? can't wait to see you buddy, I have a karaoke machine at home, we can drink stella and trade off songs...James will just love that! Ann

Francisco said...

Mikie!!Veo que no pierdes el tiempo por USA. Tienes buen aspecto en la foto. Disfruta de la tierra de Obama, ahora ya estás más contento se te nota. Y saluda a los que conozco de mi parte. Te quiero!!

bex said...

hey- er yeah- whats the pic?
still watchin your blog babe.....
lookin good.:-) Bex Stiv Bobby xxxxxxx

Mark said...

Ummmmm, you're gonna be here in a very short amount of time. Call me :)

Anonymous said...

hi mike! tried to call you on your us. number, but apparently you are not receiving calls at this moment..:-) will try later. unfortunately the tv show about expats is on hold for now (not dead as they say) so when you are back, I hope it will be back on screen and we can do your documentary. I just got updated on your the last events and actions and I have to say you might be just as well the bussiest person around... take care for now and talk to you soon. dominik

maire said...

give peace a chance...or else.

i like the new picture. that slightly befuddled look becomes you.

it's see-your-breath cold in prague today but sunny, which helps.

your apartment is so clean i thought i'd wandered into the neighbor's.

i'm rambling -- but what else is new? enjoy SF.

keep up the good posts.

Anonymous said...

See you this afternoon!!! I am ready to start the ANN-N-MIKE mini tour 2008. Ann

Anonymous said...

Hey guys - just spent a couple weeks with mike in new york - it was great- there wasn't even a limit to it. Now's his time. Seriously, he's very healthy, and even a bit, shall we say, humorous!
New York loves this guy, not on wall street, but on broadway street!
Love, Tim H. -hey pamela!

Greg said...

Thanks for the update Tim! Mike, if you're still reading this... how 'bout you let us know what's what? :))