Thursday, October 30, 2008


I’m in Berlin now at Henny & Florian’s after their spectacular wedding on Rügen Island over the weekend:

Damien and Ashley were in town until yesterday and Jirka is here until I leave in a couple of hours for New York. We had sushi on those little boats yesterday:

Having a great time here and wish I had more time to write about it, but haven’t even had time to think, let alone pack (again), so you’ll have to settle for kitchy pictures like this one:

I hope to see many of you at the Tims' Halloween Party in Brooklyn this Friday night at 224 St. James Place in Clinton Hill of all places. Until then!


Greg said...

You're just settling in to travel-mode i'm sure, so this somewhat thin post will suffice... but i hope you're not setting a precedent here! As discussed before you left, your Prague fans are needy :)

Enjoy your travels miku, but know that your lunch-posse already misses you!

Liz said...

It was fantastico to see you, chum.
Envious of your time in Berlin (great city), and hope travels today go fine.
E xx

maire said...

i second greg's comments -- now that i'm officially blog-dependent for my news of you. nice pics. i saw slupka the other evening, she's settling in at john and bo's nicely. i'll have to give her your blog address...

Francisco said...

Eres un crack.

Jiffz said...

We miss you. That is all.

I went to the PTV Monster Ball as a Czech Tram Controller. The guys who attended as the "Russian Mafia Posse" nearly had me whacked, and not in the good way. Yikes. Looking forward to more great photos and your blove from afar.

Anonymous said...

hey sport,

how can you complain on people not reading your blog if ther is no new post for 5 days already? I have two words for you: "Come on! Come on!"

chihuahua lady said...

mum still reads the blog all the time and she said she has tried to leave messages for you but they didnt show up and she thought it was coz she didnt have a 'blogname' but i told her today it was coz to make it go on the page you have to put the squiggly blue letters in the verification box.
she reckons she can do it now, but considering last week she had the microphone for skype on the back of her head (where there is no mouth) it may take a while, but she is on the road to it....:)
jane and johnny

Maie said...

hey I've been to that sushi bar!