Saturday, May 2, 2009

clean scan

I got a wild hair up my ass to see the Butthole Surfers last week [pun absolutely intended] and got a ticket at the door. Great show! I don’t know why I wasn’t into these guys when I was younger. I had that brain MRI at the ungodly hospital hour of 5PM. They start very early and it was a Monday, so I expected a ghost town of a pair of living dead - which is what I got. So I certainly didn’t think the radiologist would want to stick around to burn me a CD, but when she offered, I couldn’t say no.

How does it look? I asked

Pretty much the same as last time. Do you want a CD?

Sure. It looks like last time? Really?

Yup. Give me five minutes.

She took her five minutes and gave me the CD. I got it home and sure enough, it looked like something I’d seen before. I had a huge hole in my head!! It took me about five minutes to realize that the exam was from February 2008, just after the operation. I went all the way back the next day (2hr rt) to get the correct exam:

Which was a lot more reassuring. The right side of my brain (left side of image) has taken over much of the left side (right side of image) where the tumor was. Damien says that should make me more creative. Or better at math. Dunno. And Jane’s in town with Johnny from Kiev for mikeFEST™. Here they are making the stencils for the official mikeFEST™ t-shirts, which Johnny thought was hilarious:

Kat got here from Paris yesterday and we exchanged our pesto salad for some chicken on the hill - the official kickoff for mikeFEST™ in Prague. Speaking of which, news of the more mundane variety will be reported at for the next two weeks. Please make a note of it. Off to karaoke.


Shay said...

I love that picture.

Happy Mikefest.

chihuahua lady said...

that picture is AWESOME, yeah that johnny sure had a belly laugh!

will forward you photos from karaoke apap, as pronto as possible!
lots of love to everyone!!!!

Anonymous said...

heh mike Im no medico, but sure loved the pic of Jane and Damien.Thanks for sharing .
With love and best wishes Kate and John

Anonymous said...

The Butthole Surfer sound like a great way to start Mikefest.

Good looking scan too.


Anonymous said...

I highly doubt the veracity of the previous blog on seeing obama in prague - none of those people in your photo looked like obama.
To make up for that, i suggest a photo of obama and prince greeting in the oval office, nixon-presley style. Hear me out!
Tim Hanford

Anonymous said...

mike, was good to see you again in O2 bar couple of nights ago.

also, the news are getting better as the blog is older and that is fantatic!!

to bring some laugh (hopefully) to your life, clic here:

take care, chief

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, hope MikeFest was great, looking forward to seeing some of the photos. Ann