Friday, February 6, 2009

missing deltas

We all went over to the neighborhood Danish church to see the “Princeton Glee Club” last Tuesday. There’s almost nothing I enjoy more than a bunch of rich white kids singing negro spirituals:

Ann missed her connection in Atlanta (due to Delta’s typical, but still incredible incompetence and complete lack of accountability), so she came a day late into her already tight schedule. I took her to the “Modern Art Museum” just around the corner for starters:

which looked like it hadn’t been open in at least a decade. So we wandered down to Puerto Madero and then to one of my favorite restaurants, Café San Juan, back in San Telmo with my neighbors, Keith and Michael for a great dinner before the Red Door for chili bombs:

On Wednesday we went to MALBA, the actual functional modern art museum, and then across town to La Boca to catch the sunset and have dinner at my new favorite restaurant: Don Carlos “Carlitos” next to the Boca Juniors stadium in La Boca, of all places. And although I don’t usually trust anyone with two first names (let alone three), we put ourselves entirely in the hands of Carlitos himself and let him stuff us with a fifteen course meal, completely of his choosing.

“The lady may have a little room left for a very small dessert,” I said after he had brought us a plate of cheese sorrentinos (delicious fat raviolis) to chase down our steaks. Instead of a single, “very small dessert”, he brought three rather large desserts, which we inhaled shamelessly. The bill, like the menu, was completely arbitrary. We were so drunk on food, literally euphoric, that we would have paid anything. It was an amazing experience and surprisingly reasonable. We unfortunately ate too quickly to take any pictures.

After we aborted trips to both Uruguay and the Paraná Delta (not having much luck with deltas), due to a late start and drizzle yesterday, we settled for a tour of Recoleta Cemetery from a resident guide:

and went to Bellas Artes for some more culture. Our walk to the massive Retiro train / bus station for bargain bags and sneakers and the half hour wait at a cash machine was more than enough of a side trip experience. We’re going to spend the day (what’s left of it) in Palermo and then go to ‘real’ karaoke tonight back in the hood.

Here’s a funny and popular local flea treatment product to round out this post:


chihuahua lady said...

did you find the bottle of assy at keith and michaels?

Anonymous said...

Hey mike,
Having a great time in BA with you. can't wait until we belt out some tunes at karaoke tonight! Ann

buddy heinz said...

WORD! Karaoke will be the fucking BOMB!!! I just hope they don't cut out early or some bullshit like that before we can bust out some Richard Marx!!! Lol lylas! k

Greg said...

Assy? You're cross posting from hogschool! Though your picture is about 1000 times better (no offense K). Speaking of Keith, he really seems to adopted the conquistador lifestyle -- loving the yellow (looking) shoes and the bull horn hand gestures.

i hope you loved the hell out of that tuxedo-ed tour guide.

jimmy's gonna be pissed that you didn't take pictures of that meal. sounds delicious. you should try that trick at a hospada when you get back and see how it ends up. Smažaky for everyone!

Jiffz said...

Greg is right: I *was* keen for some hot widescreen panoramic Argentinian culinary delight but instead am once again forced to take a breath and hold out for 8 megapixel proof next time. Sigh. Since they can't seem to nail down American culture very well (witness that Princeton Glee Club catastrophe) why not regale us with more local flava? And no, I'm not talking about K's open-toed shoe funk. Though both those boys are looking tan and, dare I admit, trim. Jealous. Hope you're all having a great time down there!

maire said...

man, i never knew princeton kids had so much soul! i think it has something to do with their formal wear.

buenos aires looks warm, and cat-friendly, and slightly down-at-heels -- or am i projecting?

enjoy your time with miss ann.

hasta pronto!